Introducing David Wascher

David Wascher

Director of Operations

Blackstone Golf Club


Best Golf Tip Ever Given:
When I was entering my Freshman Year at Jacobs, I really wanted to play football. My mom told me I was too small and that I should play golf. The golf industry has been sorry ever since.

Fantasy Foursome:
Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan

Funniest Golf Moment:
Playing at Golf Club of Illinois, a friend was so far down in our foursomes bet that he offered to jump in a lake to free him of his losses. He took off his clothes, laid them on the cart, and jumped in. Funny part is that while he was swimming back to shore, we drove away with his clothes and forced him to run back to the clubhouse au’natural. But he was debt free!

Most Memorable Golf Experience:
My first hole-in-one at Kemper Lakes in 1988. It was in a Pro-Am with Doug Bauman, and I was too young to HAVE to buy drinks afterwards!

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